KALT Brand Filter Adapters

Concept: 5 out of 5
Execution: 4 out of 5
Yeah, but: Does the Job while saving you money

The Long Version: Buying a new camera left me in a bad place: What do I do about filters?
Both of my lenses have 55mm threads, while my old camera and extensive filter collection were 58mm. It's bad enough that I have a few hundred dollars worth of memory cards that are now worthless--taking a big financial hit on filters too was out of the question.

Looking around online, the usual places such as Adorama and B&H stocked the adapter I needed, probably made from steel, for $20 (+ free shipping).
That sounded like a bargain, and I was all ready to place an order.

But a trip to the only good camera store in town gave me a chance to do a little comparison shopping. With $20 being my target price, I asked the nice man behind the counter to show me what they stocked, and to my surprise he pulled out the above pictured KALT brand step-up ring.
I have never heard of KALT.
The adapter is well made, probably from aluminum.
It works.

And it was only $6.95.

I also remembered to get a 58mm lens cap for around $4 to complete the package.

I was lucky that my filters are larger than my new lenses, but fairly close. Smaller filters can cause vignetting at wide angle settings, and filters that are much larger than the lens look goofy and might tend to snag on things in and out of a camera bag.

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