Pelican Micro Case

Concept: 2 out of 5
Execution: 2 out of 5
Yeah, but: They're Peli Case Lite, but that's still pretty good.

The Long Version: Pelican Cases are legendary: waterproof, foam-filled, and indestructible. These aren't quite them.

The 'Micro' cases are a different idea. They're good for holding small items, but are designed for less stringent protection. Although they're not recommended for immersion, they're still called 'water resistant', and that resistance is impressive. I've kept one submerged under eight inches of water - approximately one kitchen-sink deep - for half an hour without any getting in. Pelican does still consider them crush-proof, but they don't include the abundant foam of the non-micro cases.

The Micro cases have a simpler construction than their full-sized siblings, with the waterproof - sorry, water-resistant - seal being part of the rubber liner for the bottom half of the case. Some have a thin lining, others have a thin wavy lining that gives a snugger fit, but not much more protection. The top of the case is lined with foam for the opaque models, but there are also ones with unpadded transparent lids. The idea is that it's easy to see the electronics inside, which is great for cell phones, as well as being an advantage for general organization and stock-keeping. It gives up some of the shock protection, but these cases really aren't intended to survive a bear attack. In exchange you get cases that are better suited for general use.

I typically use my Micro cases for heavy-duty crush protection when I'm carrying something delicate inside a larger bag. The 1060 is the largest Micro size available, and with internal dimensions of about 8" x 4" x 2", it snugly holds my Sony PCM-D50 audio recorder and Dead Kitten windjammer. The 1030 has outlasted the camera it was bought for, but now gets used for general odds-and-ends that I want to keep safe and dry. The variety of small sizes makes these cases great for protecting and carrying things, but even I wouldn't say that it's worth having Micro cases stockpiled around the house 'just in case'. I'll expand my collection if I ever become an avid kayaker; until then it's just nice to know that they're out there if I need one.


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