CSI Crime Scene Tape

Concept:  5 out of 5
Execution:  2 out of 5
Yeah, but:  It's too funny not to love.

The Long Version: The MGM Grand casino has an attraction based on the popular TV show "CSI", which is the original series about armed scientists and lab technicians who are lightly assisted by the police as they solve crimes. Fittingly, the theme attraction is in the namesake city of Las Vegas, while the show is actually filmed in Los Angeles.

Penny brought this tape dispenser home for me from a weekend in Las Vegas, and it took me quite a while to stop laughing. It's a standard-issue plastic tape dispenser, except for the graphics and the tape inside. As the "Crime Scene" version of Scotch tape, it's translucent yellow with bold black text, and mostly does a very good job mimicking the real thing.

If there's one thing that CSI:TV loves, it's spin-offs and crossover episodes. In that spirit I applied the crime scene tape to a brand-new plain black Mighty Wallet, where its translucent yellow field gets toned down by the black Tyvek. It still stands out quite well, and I've been impressed by how securely the tape has adhered to the textured-plastic surface. This combination has piqued the interest of some Mighty Wallet connoisseurs who think that I have a previously-unknown design, which I suppose it is.

The only disappointment with the CSI Crime Scene Tape is that it's branded for the TV show, with the logo appearing in between each reiteration of 'crime scene do not cross'. So it won't be mistaken for the real thing, or even a small version of reality – and yet it's entertaining nonetheless. What else can I say? It's a perfectly fitting souvenir for the show.

last updated 6 mar 2011


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