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The Long Version: This is a review that probably could have been shortened down to under 140 characters, but I need to rant: WTF is with the D-Rings, bag designers?

I bought a cheap portfolio case the other day, and sure enough, the shoulder strap is attached to the body of the case with nylon D-rings. Within minutes of actually using the thing, the D-rings are twisted sideways and pinching the nylon webbing. I've seen this over and over again, from bags that cost enough that this kind of foolishness shouldn't be tolerated. It's not like these things are a recent innovation – why do designers and manufacturers still insist on using them so badly?

There is another question: why do people still buy anything that uses them? Frequently I forget that I'm supposed to be performing quality control on products that have made it all the way to market, and often there simply aren't any options out there. But give me a round ring to attach straps and handles, a sensible buckle, or even a D-ring that's been properly secured, and I'll buy it instead. Surely, this can't be all that difficult a problem to solve.

last updated 26 feb 2012


  1. Excellent choice of linking (for WTF).

  2. Glad you appreciated it. I'm sure the World Taekwondo Federation is pretty tired of that joke by now, though.

  3. Rings like that need to be a D-buckle to avoid that kind of shifting. All belts have them that way.

  4. Check out the modified D rings on the Tenba black label series of bags. They're metal, absolutely non-twisting, and allow you to fine-tune the balance of the loaded bag. Good design, for a change.

  5. Interesting comment on the Black Label bag. I took a hard look at one in the store; damaged. Left it behind.
    I have had a Tenba Messenger bag for years. Great briefcase! Not so good for my d300s with grip and lenses. I should take a look again, now that I'm looking for a way to carry my OMD and my Nikon 1 at the same time.
    One caution...strap squeaks.


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