Introducing "Counter Opinions"

Concept: 3 out of 5
Execution: 2 out of 5
Yeah, but: Yes, the name will cause confusion.

There's already enough knee-jerk reactions and superficial information on the internet. My goal as a reviewer has always been to go beyond what's immediately obvious, and come up with insights that aren't going to be apparent to the casual observer.* Part of that comes from spending extended time using something, which typically has meant purchasing it. But there are only so many things per month that I can own, use, and have the enthusiasm to write about.

So after four years, it's time for a new category of short-form reviews. I'm calling them "Counter Opinions" – not because they're contrary, which they may sometimes be, but because they're the opinions that I can form just by spending time with something at the sales counter.

Corners will be cut. Mistakes may be made. Theories could be half-baked. Product photos will be limited. But in exchange for that I'll be able to include a more varied and eclectic subject range, and increase the number of new reviews that I can write.

Not everyone has easy access to decent stores these days, so hopefully this can still be interesting, entertaining, and maybe even useful. And of course the more comprehensive "Long Version" reviews will continue, and the remarkably enduring Thewsreviews rating scale will still apply regardless of format.

*Whether that's successful or not is another matter.

last updated 23 july 2012


  1. Does that include the equivalent of window shopping an item?


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