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This isn't your father's review site – but maybe it should be. The rating system here is a little more involved than the old pro/con and 3-is-a-negative-score rating system. The quick and arbitrary numerical summary breaks down like this:

5 - Perfection, there is no real way it could be improved.
4 - Nearly perfect, as good as it can be expected.
3 - Pretty good, nothing to be ashamed of, but it doesn't rate a "4".
2 - Not great, please try again.
1 - This item exists.
0 - This item should not exist.

I rate my own photos using this same system. Most of my photos never climb above "1," but you'll never see them. Likewise most of what I review will be pretty good to excellent, and some will be really bad. The things that I review are ranked in two categories with an aside:

Concept: X out of 5, this is how I rank the idea itself. Originality counts.
Execution: X out of 5, this is for how well it's been done. Even bad ideas can be implemented perfectly.
Yeah, but: This is the counterpoint, if there is one, or some other aside.

The Long Version: is where I write the bulk of the review. Hopefully it will be entertaining and factually correct, but I don't guarantee either. I do guarantee that it will be a personal and subjective, based on my own experience and with my own perspective and limitations noted. I don't ever want to give the impression of objective detachment or omniscience. Occasionally I'll revisit and revise earlier reviews, or may write a review that corrects or contradicts an earlier opinion.

I hope you enjoy what I write, and have a great day.


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