New URL - thewsreviews dot com

Concept: 2 out of 5
Execution: 3 out of 5
Yeah, but: No further action required.

The Long Version: Almost 24 hours ago, thewsreviews dot blogspot dot com became thewsreviews dot com. The transition seemed to go well, with just a short amount of downtime for people who avoid the 'www' prefix. (It's lame, I know.) All previous links from google searches and bookmarks redirect seamlessly to the new address, and if you see this through a feed, then that's working too.

Ultimately, though, nothing else has changed. The site is still hosted by the Blogger branch of Global Internet Domination, Inc., the same people who drive most of the traffic to this site and provide the advertising that's not expected to actually pay anything until mid-2012. But everyone needs a retirement plan, and I'm going to be starting the slow process of copying the HTML of each review into my own archives just in case there's a need to move. While Strobist redirects their dot com to their blogspot address, I'm still haunted by The Online Photographer's need to shift services mid-stream, giving it both blogspot and typepad incarnations.

The biggest real changes are the new header, a new contact e-mail, and a shorter web address to type and remember. Well worth it, as long as I didn't break the feed links.


  1. I am outraged at not being consulted.

    Please gmail me the technical details, with schematics and a slice of pizza.

  2. I have no idea about the technical details - the reason why the non-www address was broken for a bit was that google/blogger's help docs didn't specifically tell me where a particular button would be on my registrar's website.

    (In fact, I'd been trying to test the simpler URL on a shadow site that I've used to try format changes in the past, and couldn't get it to work at all. That was before I found the 'help' link on blogger's setup page. As my mother always said, "The world's geared for idiots, so you should be able to cope.")

    The pizza is the easy part, but since my usual place got shut down for some hefty health-code violations, I've switched suppliers. Last weekend, in the biggest snowstorm of the winter - a feeble one, but everything's relative - I went to the local big-chain pizza place instead of walking the extra block. I'd post a review of the chain store, but that would mean I'd have to go there again, and I'm not sure I'm that dedicated.


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