Victorinox Executive

Concept: 4 out of 5
Execution: 2 out of 5
Yeah, but: Do you like oranges?

The Long Version: The Victorinox Executive, July's SAK of the Month, lands in an interesting middle-ground between the keychainable 58mm knives and the larger work-rated ones. It has tools that are larger and more functional than those on the classic Classic, but still inoffensive enough to use almost anywhere that isn't airborne.

Available in red or black celidor, the scales contain the same tweezers and toothpick as the Classic. This should make it easy to find replacements should the need arise.

The tool mix on the Executive is geared toward light utility and grooming. The file is remarkable for being an actual cut metal file that covers the width of the tool, not just a strip of match-starter abrasive set into the centre of it, and its tapered 'cleaner' tip can be used with small Philips screws. The SAK scissors are always handy, and the small blade is about the same size as the blade on the Classic. There's also a larger, but still very slender, main blade, as well as the unique 'orange peeler' tool.

The orange peeler is a serrated blade with a slot screwdriver tip, and presumably it's sized so that the depth of the blade will pierce the peel but not the fruit. And yes, I've tried it and it works pretty well, even though I can't peel and orange with this tool in anything approaching the speed that Penny manages without it.

Even if citrus isn't important in your life – with apologies to Bill – the orange peeler still works well as a serrated knife blade. I wouldn't be reaching for it when I need to cut through a rope, and can't really say when it would be better than using one of the two straight blades, but it's good to have options.

I find that the 74mm Executive is a bit too big for my keychain, but it would be perfectly at home in a desk drawer, even if it isn't mahogany or cherry-wood, or carried loose in a pocket. I like it for those times when I don't expect to need a knife at all, want something just a bit tougher than my alox Classic, or as a second knife that can be loaned to family or friends. That doesn't put it in heavy rotation among my favourite tools, but then again, I'm not much of an executive.

last updated 1 july 2013


  1. I have had a couple of these.
    The blade is too light for me, so I don't carry it regularly.
    The orange peeler is handy; however, that's not enough reason for me to carry the knife regularly.

  2. I have to agree; the blades don't inspire a lot of confidence for much more than letter-opening or light packing tape. Fibreglass tape might be okay, but if the blade goes sideways in duct tape it could be bad.

    But I like SAKs just as gadgets, so I often carry more than one. The Executive works very nicely when paired with an Alox Cadet for a very demure combination that can accomplish most tasks without raising any eyebrows.

    I do find that the Executive is the sweet spot for scissors: larger enough than the Classic to have more utility, but still on a small enough knife to not be too unwieldily.

  3. You're right.
    I sometimes carry a lock blade as well as my Explorer (or equivalent)
    However, my concern is sharpening and restoring blades.
    I have nerve damage/limited skill keeping a proper edge. The scissors on the Executive are good.
    Thanks for your reviews. I enjoy them.


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