Elsewhere on the Web: Diverse and Varied Advice of Dubious Consistency

Now on Blogbeebe: my 99-point list of diverse and varied advice of dubious consistency. Naturally, it's mostly to do with cameras and photography, with just a bit of art thrown in as well. It's a slightly random summation of my observations and lessons from my first ten years as a photographer, including five as a camera salesman, as I've travelled the roads of equipment-aqusition and picture-making.

Certainly not all of the ideas are original, and many of the ones that are won't be correct, but these are the things that I wish I had known sooner.

For example:

"More Zoom" is never the correct answer to any question.

Ken Rockwell is a troll. Never associate with a photographer who doesn't realize this.

The top of the camera is a terrible place for a light or a microphone.

Using a film camera occasionally is good for you.

Focus shift is not a defect. Accept it or move on.

Birds are horrible creatures, and should never be photographed.

Photos of the important people in your life will be worth more to you in the future than any other photograph you can take.

If the first comments about a photo are on its technical merits, it's a miss.

Work in series, create projects, have themes.

Use a font that makes your name look good and stick with it.

The full list can be found here.

last updated 17 aug 2013


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