Crumpler's The Grub camera pouch

Concept: 2 out of 5
Execution: 3 out of 5
Yeah, but: I've finally added a "Neoprene" tag.

The Long Version: The Crumpler Grub is about as simple as a camera pouch can be. There's no zipper, no velcro – not even a draw string. Instead it's just two thin layers of everloving neoprene sewn into a tube that's closed on one end. There's a loop of ribbon that serves as a pull-tab to help put the camera away, and can be used to hold the pouch, but aside from that it really doesn't conceal any mysteries.

The Grub has no belt loop or strap attachment; this is just something to put the camera in before it's put in something else. It provides a little cushion if the camera is dropped – which is not to say that it's a good idea – and it discourages buttons from being inadvertently pushed. Most importantly it provides a barrier between the camera and other metal pocket-dwelling objects, like keys, coins, and small flashlights. For that reason alone my camera is almost always safely tucked away.

Size is important when choosing a Grub, since a good fit from the slightly stretchy neoprene is what holds the camera in place. The Large size fits my TS3 as well as the Canons S95 and SX230, Panasonic ZS8/10, and similarly-sized cameras, but it's too small for the Panasonic LX5 or Olympus XZ-1, and the Samsung WB210 just slides right out of it. Crumpler also makes The Grub in Medium, Small, and iPhone sizes. While it's available in black, the colour for mine is called "Rust Red", which is nice alliteration but not particularly accurate. Each size has a different fun-but-generic camera-graphic on one side, and the orange detailing on mine happens to be a nice match for my TS3.

Even the Large Grub is slimmer and less bulky than my zippered Kikkerland case, so that one has gone to live with a slightly larger camera that I've added to my collection. I'll use the Crumpler pouch the same way that I use the sleeves that I like for my phones: take the camera out, use it, and then slip it back into its little home. It's not an exciting thing to use, but it's satisfying to have the camera sheltered from nicks and scratches. For something that's not particularly expensive, it's well made and performs as expected.

last updated 25 oct 2011


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